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I’m sensing a bratty 2013

13 is that grand age where your little girl finally becomes a tween. Start of those girly-crushes, butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of thing, zits, fitting in and yes, tween tantrums.

I never remembered much about me when I was 13 but with all the bits and pieces from my repressed memories, I guess I was a little handful for my age.

2012 is a year of happiness and success, of failure and sadness, just like any other years. What makes it different is well, the world was supposed to have an expiration date on 12.21.2012 which by the way never happened, and the only destruction I’ve seen is in on that 2012 movie I’ve watched during the fateful day, which is pretty crappy

Anyways, I think this is what’s going to happen in bratty 2013

JANUARY: Bloody OJT and thesis, I shudder whenever I think about it. Responsibilities, ARGH!!

FEBRUARY: Bloody valentines and hearts. Expect more customers to the motels and hotels. I sense massive condom distributing by DOH or something, with the passing of RH Law and all.

MARCH: Bloody graduation. 2013 reminds me how old I am and re-think my responsibilities as a good adult, which is far from I really am

APRIL: Bloody Long Summer After Graduation: The only month I’ve been looking forward to. Gonna spend the countless days languishing my ass on the bed, and eating until I die.

MAY: Bloody Elections. Time to exercise my vote as a responsible citizen of the Philippines so that I can have more rights to complain about the government

JUNE: Bloody Resume of classes but I’m going to take a long vacation ūüėõ Also, I think I wanted to try Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Workshop. I’ve got lots of ideas and stories in my head I just couldn’t put into words and it’s driving me nuts!

JULY: Bloody Job-hunting. On second thought, I should sleep some more…zzzz…

AUGUST: Oh my God, it’s almost the beginning of ”ber” months already? Bloody how-time-flies-by!

SEPTEMBER: Bloody 21st Birthday. Still not going to act like a real adult though. Oh yeah, it’s the debut of my masculine side. Happy birthday to me, hotshot!

OCTOBER: Bloody gonna-try-to-pull-my-pathetic-life-together

NOVEMBER: Salute to Bloody ghosts and ghouls…..on the private sector and in the government


Yep, I sense a bratty 2013.

I’m actually drunk


German Magazine Mistakenly Publishes Bush Obituary

In the name of their land

Instead of tackling RH Bill for this blog post, I choose to deal with a far underrated yet significant issue of the Casiguran farmers’ March Against the APECO in Aurora, Eastern Luzon. (RH has already many supporters, I don’t think I need to speak for its passage) ūüôā

AURORA farmers march for protection of their land

I just stumbled upon the issue yesterday, while watching the live dialogue (or should I say, MONOLOGUE) of the President Noynoy Aquino himself and the 120 Casiguran Farmers who walked 350 KM from Aurora for 18 days in a march to protest against 12, 92 hectare project called the  the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO)

APECO is sponsored by the leading politician in the area, Senator Angara who said that APECO’s goals is to help the province catch up with the economic and social development of the rest of Luzon by providing jobs, livelihood, investment and tourism.

And my cry: Why just develop a capable agrarian project or support the farmers and fishermen than try to build up a hub of business with NO proper transportation from the capital Manila? goes unheard.

Aquino doesn’t call for a complete scrapping of the project. Instead, he instructed NEDA to make a review about it and called for the protesters to keep an open mind about the benefits of the said project.

(My goodness, why not first talk with the tenants from your own hometown in Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac and ask them about the ‘benefits’ they received from the land-grabbing by your family clan?)¬†

Aquino believes that the APECO will build a business hub and boost livelihood projects in that region where the project will start.

(Are you aware that this part of Aurora is a NATIONAL PARK? A place of conservation and protection. Not to mention that AURORA is the first frontier against the turbulent weather of the Pacific. It’s the EDSA or highways of Typhoons. Are you seriously going to build infrastructures just for the ‘Bagyo’s’ to destroy these?)¬†


In a remark of Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes, Aquino said that ‘if there’s an idle land, you should occupy and own it?’

(Oh my God, these lands are part of the Ancestral Domain of these farmers! Their ancestors have been tilling over it, crying blood and tears over it, for hundreds of years! And now you, HACIENDEROS, are going to take it away from them? Haciendero president will always be a haciendero)

Another supporter of the APECO that if many farmers are against the APECO, why is there only 120 marchers? It meant that majority of the Aurora residents approve of APECO, right?

(About 3000 farmers will be affected by the APECO and the government promised to relocate them.¬†Dozens of fisherfolk families have been displaced by the creation of APECO‚Äôs airport without any kind of relocation, and numerous farmers have been deceived by APECO‚Äôs land buyers. Of course, without proper education, they are easily deceived by APECO officials on their promises of these and that. 120 FARMERS WOULDN’T MARCH FOR 18 DAYS IN 350+ KILOMETERS IF THEY ONLY GET SUPPORT FROM THE MINORITY. TO COMPLETE THIS AMBITIOUS EFFORT, THEY NEED TO BE CONVINCED THAT THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE WORTH FIGHTING FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR FELLOWMEN)
(MR PRESIDENT, please, you don’t have to compromise the lives of many and the environment for this shady project. Only the politicians will benefit from these. Don’t think like a HACIENDERO. My patience with you is growing little by little and I’m almost beginning to get convinced that you are no DIFFERENT than the past presidents before you.)



A Sad Christmas

About more than 500 people lost their lives to Typhoon Pablo last week. Hundreds are still missing and the cost of damage is too unbearable to think about.

The sad thing about it is that it happened last year too. Sendong wrought havoc to unsuspecting citizens in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities, killing hundreds of people by a flash flood from the barren mountains. Again, we are put in the situation to reflect on how our actions took their toll to Mother Nature and how our greed costed thousands of human lives.

Survivors are now facing the painful task of locating their missing loved ones to the lined up dead bodies.

Before the Typhoon hits, PAGASA had already warned its imminent ferocity several weeks before its landfall. LGU disaster reduction units are mobilized, and the people, with the trauma of Sendong still fresh from their minds, didn’t need more encouragement to evacuate. In fact, many people are more prepared as they were back in Sendong, and I even predicted it Pablo wouldn’t take lives as much as Sendong did, but in the end, Mother Nature had proven us wrong again.

Why the high death toll?

Why the lack of evacuation units where survivors are now cramped in?

Why the lack of disaster fund on each LGU?

Why is it happening all over again?

If another supertyphoon comes, will we have another tragedy at a scale like this? Will they ever be a time when we will be able to face a typhoon and not shake in our boots out of fear?

What should we do to prevent another tragedy like this?

The questions sound so cliche and redundant that we repeatedly try to reflect on them for the past several years but ironically, we couldn’t come up with a good solution for the problems.

The world, to phrase it aptly, is going ape-shit. Climate is rapidly changing. More and more typhoons are expected to arrive. Expect more Ondoys, Sendongs, and Pablos to visit here in the Philippines because we people can’t manipulate nature the way we want it. We are forever in its mercy, and the least we can do is to prevent the fatalities and casualties as we can.

Pro-active measures must be undertaken by both the NGOs and the government. Ban illegal mining on mountainous provinces so that the mountains wouldn’t have to take revenge on the people living on its feet whenever there’s a heavy downpour. Regulate logging. The damage and fatalities in Compostela Valley is partly the fault of deforestation. It’s so sad that the government is quick to back up these logging and mining agencies because they are benefiting from the said industries.

Assign a disaster-reduction secretary. Sure we have NDRRMC and other agencies but its scope is limited and couldn’t reach far away provinces such as Compostela and Davao Oriental. There should be a disaster fund from the smallest sitio, to the largest cities. Anyone is vulnerable to the tragedy.

People should not be a part of the burden. When the government is calling for evacuation, just obey. As heartbreaking it is to leave our properties and belongings, nothing is more precious than human lives. We can start all over again. And if you’re not receiving enough financial support from the government after the deluge, never forgive and forget. When the election comes, take your revenge. As blindly idealistic as it may sound, you alone can change the outcome of future disasters because of your voice and your vote.

Congested evacuation centers

We don’t need another sad day to commemorate the loss of lives to a disaster. I really wish this would be the last time we would have this death toll. I wish people wouldn’t have to celebrate a sad Christmas after this. I wish people wouldn’t have to mourn their lost loved ones and start from nothing but scratch. I wish this would be the time where we can look back to be the start of our collective and continuous effort to minimize the loss of lives and destruction.

We must help them recover and stand again.

Emergency hotlines






Department of Social Welfare and Development:

Needed: Sleeping mats,¬†blankets, children’s clothing, tents, tarpaulins, flashlights and batteries, generators

Donors can bring the goods to the DSWD National Resource Operations Center on Chapel Road in Pasay City. The DSWD can be reached through 852-8081, on Twitter at @DSWDServes, and on Facebook.


Through Philippine embassies and Consular offices around the world.





Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao, Inc.: 

Needed: Food, water, utensils, clothing

Please drop your donations in AFRIM, Inc., Door 7, Angels Building, Camia corner Jasmin Street, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City or call at (082) 285-45-92 and look for Liezl and Jorge.


Gawad Kalinga:

 Needed: Rice, noodles, canned goods and 1L water bottles

GK allso needs volunteers to help with distribution and repacking of goods in their GK Operation Walang Iwanan Command Centers in Davao City and Valencia, Bukidnon. You can donate online or via bank deposit to Gawad Kalinga Php C/A # 3101 0977 56 BPI-EDSA Greenhills Branch. You may also contact Dan Bercasio at 09178888659 and regularly check for updates.


Globe Telecom: Libreng Tawag center now open in Compostela Municipal Hall, Poblacion, Compostela Valley to offer free calls and texts to affected families. You can also take part in helping the victims of the recent typhoon using your Globe phone through donations to Philippine Red Cross. To donate via SMS, text RED AMOUNT to 2899. To donate via GCASH, text DONATE AMOUNT 4-digit M-PIN REDCROSS to 2882. You can donate the following denominations: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000.


LBC Foundation:

Needed: Canned and bottled food, medicines, bottled water/juice/milk, banig/sleeping mats, mosquito nets, toiletries, laundry detergent and soaps

Items won’t be accepted: Perishable items, cooked food, used clothing, used shoes, used blankets and towels

LBC will be accepting donations until December 21. You may drop off your donations at any LBC branch in the Philippines. They will turn over these goods directly to evacuation centers and partners.


Mail and More:

Needed: Clothing, bottled water, canned goods, blankets and medicines are accepted except cash

All outlets nationwide are ready to accept donations for the victims of Typhoon Pablo. Donations such as clothing, bottled water, canned goods, blankets and medicines are accepted except cash. You may call MAM customer service hotline: (02) 879 4789 to locate the Mail and More outlet nearest you.





ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya:

For cash donations:

Peso Account


Bank Account No: 393- 011-4199

Bank Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: Sct. Albano, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Swift Code: BNORPHMM


Dollar Account


Bank Account No: 393-008-1622

Bank Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: Sct. Albano, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Swift Code: BNORPHMM


Peso Account


Bank Account No: 305-111-2775

Bank Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: West Triangle, Quezon City

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM


Dollar Account


Bank Account No: 305-402-7035

Bank Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: West Triangle, Quezon City

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM


Peso Account


Bank Account No: 419-539-5000-13

Bank Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: Timog, Quezon CitySwift Code: PNBMPHMM


Dollar Account


Account Number: 419-539-5000-21

Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.-Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: Timog, Quezon City

Swift Code: PNBMPHMM


Peso Account


Account Number: 636-3-636-08808-1

Account Name: ABS – CBN Foundation, Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

Branch: Examiner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM


Please send a copy of the deposit/transaction slip to Telefax Number: 411-4995 or email us at including your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER and TYPHOON NAME for verification and issuance of official receipt.


You may bring your cash or check donations directly to Sagip Kapamilya Warehouse at #13 Examiner Street West Triangle, Quezon City (between Quezon Avenue and West Avenue) from 8:00am-8:00pm. For inquiries please call telephone number (+00 63 2) 394-9272.


For in-kind donations:

Sagip Kapamilya will also start receiving in-kind donations from 8:00am-8:00pm (Monday-Sunday). You may bring your in-kind donations directly to Sagip Kapamilya Warehouse at #13 Examiner Street West Triangle, Quezon City (between Quezon Avenue and West Avenue) from 8:00am-8:00pm. For inquiries please call the Sagip Kapamilya Hotline Numbers: 411-4995, 394-9272 and 0917-887-4411.


GMA Kapuso Foundation:

Needed: Sleeping mats, blankets, rice, canned goods, noodles, bottled water and slippers.

You can drop off your donations at 2nd floor GMA Kapuso Center, GMA Network Drive cor. Samar St., Diliman, Quezon City,1103, Philippines.

Telephone number: (632) 982-7777 local 9901/9904/9905



TV5’s Alagang Kapatid Foundation Inc.:

For Peso Accounts:


Banco De Oro

00- 5310-41016-4

Swift Code: BNORPHMM


Bank of the Philippine Islands


Swift Code: BOPIPHMM




Swift Code: CITIPHMX


For US Dollar Accounts:


Banco De Oro


Swift Code: BNORPHMM


Bank of the Philippine Islands


Swift Code: BOPIPHMM




Swift Code: CITIPHMX


Cash donations may also be coursed through Cebuana Lhuillier outlets nationwide. For updates and more information, please contact: Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc., 730 Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City at (02) 689-3100 ext. 45191 or 45192.


Philippine Tourism Ads: More “Fun” in the Philippines

I’m fairly critical to Philippine tourism videos. As much as possible, I always place myself in the feet of foreigners googling the Philippines and gauge what they’re feeling after watching a video about the Philippines.

I still remembered my first Philippine tourism video. Back in elementary, when Gordon was still the DOT Secretary, lots and lots of WOW Philippine ads are shown in between Sineskwela and Wansapanataym. Immediately, the song¬†“Tara na, Byahe Tayo”¬†became a household hit, after being performed by 21 Filipino artists including Sharon Cuneta, Ogie Alcasid, and Lea Salonga among others.

WOW Philippines is undoubtedly successful on its own way. Even the word “Wow” connotes wonderment and promise, and to put it right before the Philippines hints of a typical tourist’s expression once he set foot on the tropical islands. “Wow, Philippines” he would mutter under his breathe. But the genius of the slogan does not act lie on the objective to attract foreigners. It’s calling for us to visit out our own natural wonders and cultural heritage. Of us helping our fellow countrymen. Of us having to first say that “Wow, Philippines”

Needless to say, after watching the ad, I began begging to my mom to visit Cebu or Davao during the summers. Unfortunately we’re not so well-of as much as to plan traveling budget every year.

It’s hard to pick up a memorable tourism ad after WOW Philippines. Even now, most of my generation wished it would come back. Sucks to them, we live in a country where projects are cut, stopped, and replaced by lawmakers who are desperately trying to mark their own legacy in the alcoves of history.

Not much effort was done to create Philippine Tourism ads at the onset of 2000. The only time it was able to make a big break on TV was when Filipino netizens criticized the newly-unveiled “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”¬†logo which was supposedly copied from a Polish ad.

Note the similarities between the Filipino and the Polish ad

Note the similarities between the Filipino and the Polish ad

For the hate of transforming this post into a personal rant, let’s now move on to the new and fresh ad from the Aquino Administration brought to you by DOT secretary, Mon Jimenez The internationally acclaimed, the social media celebrity,¬†It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Critics were quick to point out that It’s More Fun is another rip-off from the Swiss tourism ad back in 1951. But the Swiss government gracefully backs the slogan and expresses its support to the Philippines (Good Guys Swiss)

It’s More Fun makes use of social media to tap the unique beauty of the Philippines as told by the people who knew it best – the Filipinos. In fact, thousands of memes were created out of the slogan and became viral to various social network sites for the whole world to see.

What I like about the ad is that it doesn’t fall into a nearly identical agenda of the WOW Philippines. WOW mostly shows the island’s natural beauty and hidden wonders, on festivals and culture. It’s More Fun focuses on ourselves, the people, our queer attitude as Filipinos, our people’s absurd but carefree ways. A Singaporean man once said that Philippines is the craziest place to live in, but you would find the sanest people here. The ad reinforces this quaint definition of Filipinos – our resiliency, our ability to laugh at things including ourselves, and making fun out of everything, hence, the term, more fun here in the Philippines.

Check out this meme for the It’s More Fun

Staring Contests

Staring Contests

Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces

I miss riding on top of jeepneys :( Back in the province, you can ride almost anywhere on jeepneys, except on the wheel of course

I miss riding on top of jeepneys ūüė¶ Back in the province, you can ride almost anywhere on jeepneys, except on the wheel of course

Tourism ads do not have to be an effort for only the government. Choose Philippines, a regional project by multi-media giant corporation ABS-CBN to promote the country’s beauty, received attention for its beautiful video, Piliin mo Ang Pilipinas peformed by Angeline Quinto.

The video was also adapted by the El Gamma Penumbra, the shadow-dancers from Pilipinas Got Talent, into a stunning shadow presentation depicting the Philippines.

A lifestyle blog, When In Manila meanwhile received the ire of my facebook friends for their ad: What the Fuck is in the Philippines? I’m sure it doesn’t mean to make a bad image out of the Philippines, but it just sends the message the wrong way. You’ll be the judge.

Meanwhile, check out the latest ad by DOT for It’s More Fun.

Though the ad is good, I can’t help but to think that this time DOT seems to be similar with the When In Manila one, on the aspect of having fun, minus the sex tourism thing, (or maybe it’s hinted subtly?) And it focuses mainly on the capital, Manila.¬†As one commenter once said,

kararating lang ng girl at nagcheck sa Manila Peninsula Hotel sa Makati,tas nagshopping sa Greenbelt sa Makati,kumain sa Singing Cooks and Waiters dun sa Roxas Boulevard,tas kumain ng mangga with Carlos Celdran sa labas ng simbahan sa China Town, tas kumain ng alimango dun sa MoA By the Bay,tas nagpapic sa Luneta at sumakay ng jeep, tas nagpartey partey sa kung saan saang bars at tumambay sa Intramuros! Everything happened in ONE fun night!!! papano sia pupunta ng Cebu at Davao nyan?

The girl checked into the Manila Peninsula Hotel at Makati and went shopping at Greenbelt, had her dinner at Singing Cooks and Waiters on Roxas Boulevard, and had her dessert of mangoes with Carlos Celdran outside the church somewhere in China Town, and then devoured some giant crabs in MOA by the Bay, then took her pictures at Luneta before riding the jeep, then party-party all the way in different clubs and finally, going to Intramuros! Everything happened in ONE fun night!!! How would she travel to Cebu and Davao then?

Still I hope DOT can improve its ads in the future. This time by focusing on the other islands of the Philippines and the people there. We are an island nation with different gifts and beauty each region. The fun that a tourist should be the collective fun the many islands of the Philippines can provide.

So many ‘what should have been’s

Things get a little depressing when you’re 20. At this age, you reflect the things you’ve done (and haven’t done) for the past 2 decades of your life, remembering the good things and the bad, thinking of things you know you should do but can’t, or in some cases, won’t.

I’m just a brink away from graduation and one step away to the consequential life of an adult. Unlike others, I can’t say I’m dying to run up the stairs and grab the diploma I’ve rightfully deserved after four years of grueling study. Yet the whole thing feels like leaving your house ¬†without your pants on. It sounds uncomfortable and you feel that something is terribly¬†missing.

At this point, I guess it felt right to reflect on my life, through a way I knew which is best, and that is writing. It’s like a mirror to me, I couldn’t face myself without it. It’s good to mold into words all those negative energy, let your fingers and mind do the work instead your mouth. Besides, my mom wouldn’t be too happy if she discovered her eldest, soon-to-graduate daughter curled up in some corner and blabbering nonsense to herself.

  • I should have taken a Broadcast Communication, Communication Arts, Film, etc. Degree

First, I actually find my self starting to get dissatisfied with my course. Don’t get me wrong, Journalism is a very good choice. I love the thrill the job demands, and the rich promise of serving the public through one of the most influential institutions in the country, the media. I am in love with writing, and still is. I think I wouldn’t be able to reach this state of thinking if it weren’t for journalism. I think I wouldn’t be this politically and socially aware, dare I say, patriotic, were it not for journalism.

It’s not because of the perils or the challenges of the job that makes me cringe. It’s not about the course. It’s a more personal overhaul. I simply started falling in love with films, creative programs, production and scriptwriting. I not only wanted to tell stories; I wanted to create them. You can imagine the trouble it will bring when a journalist starts to think of imaginary characters than real case studies, draws out outrageous scenarios than searching for the truth. Just thinking about the future libel lawsuits piled up in my desk like those of a senator’s tax evasion cases makes me shudder.

I started thinking that through films and TV, I can better help my fellowmen and hopefully, for my country. God knows how the local media needs quality shows right now. What dumbs the masses down is not because of lack of education, or jobs, or addiction to video games. It’s on the media, on the TV. A hypodermic needle that continues to feed numbing drugs to the minds and bodies of people who should act instead of demanding the government to act for them.

I think journalism has opened my eye for this facet of reality in the Philippines, but as my mentor once said, I need to go deeper. I’m not leaving the discipline entirely; I’m just trying to reach out for a different field to connect with it. Public service combined with creative prowess. In a country where shows are propelled by ratings, sales and artists’ popularity, this is a far-fetched combination, nevertheless, a promising one.

  • I should have aimed UP

Let me tell you a little thing about myself while in highschool: I was your fucked-up little badass. I lived wild and free, unstoppable and basically uncaring. I have good friends during highschool, and I couldn’t deny I pretty much spent the remainder of my final year having fun with them instead of dumping my head to the books and thinking about my future. Being in a science high school, I can’t explain how I survived there.

So yes, when the final reckoning began, and the seniors are searching like mad for colleges to go and courses to take, I was addicted to the whole idea of going to UST. Not because my mates are in there, but from the start, UST was my dream school. I remembered seeing it as a kid, and promising to myself I’ll be attending there as an almost-adult. I really couldn’t care less if half of the kids I know wanted to go to UP; I recognized its prestige and great achievements demonstrated by its faculty and alumni; I just couldn’t envision myself studying within its borders. Part of me is thinking that there are lots of students who deserve the honor of attending it than I do, and I felt I didn’t deserve to be a part of its student body because of my reckless, lax ways and immature thinking.

To make the story short: I passed the USTET but my family’s income went into a deep recession just like what’s happening to the Euro right now, and by that time, PUP is the only available college I can attend. UST’s tuition makes me cry. PUP’s tuition is just…whoa.¬†Even if I could have taken UPCAT then and passed, I still couldn’t manage to go there because of our meager income, one that PUP can obviously fill (with lots of extra pesos to spare)¬†Although it was later I realized that UP has tuition brackets for students depending on their families’ financial capability.

But now when I developed the need to learn to express myself through films and creative means, I found myself wishing I should have taken that blasted exam. Even if I fail, at least I should have tried. Now, I’m not only slightly envious of UP students but also people who failed to go there but tried and experienced the thrilling ride that is UPCAT.

PUP is a great university though. In fact, for my graduation, I would write a lengthy tribute about it. It’s the reason why I developed a twisted kind of thinking about being part of this generation which will save the nation (i think). It’s not so hard to fall in love with the institution. In fact, it’s very¬†idiosyncrasies¬†and lovable traits remind me of the Philippines.¬†

So what you should learn from me, dear reader, is that you should learn to set your priorities straight even when you’re still in highschool. While waiting for your crush to walk on the corridor, reflect on what you would want to do with your life and make it a goal to go to the school you want. That way you won’t turn into a frustrated, confused blogger who’s venting all her rants and insecurities on a blog which no one reads.

There’s a Lesson here somewhere

A funny incident is almost as good as an annoying one, as I’ve proven today at the first day of this much awaited December. The absurdity of it all can make you smile, but at the end of the day, when you found yourself massaging your throbbing foot, “Chagrined” is more or less the perfect term to describe your mixed-up emotions.

Chagrined over the large,  enormous commercial malls, the apparent slowness of telecommunication services, and maybe your own stupidity.

I spent the early morning in the photoshoot for Manila Bulletin at the University Belt. Supposedly, my classmates and I will meet photographer Niccolo Cosme for our study the same afternoon, so I opt to kill some extra time at the capital’s first commercial hub, Cubao, where the biggest National Bookstore branch can be found. I love this place so much that if I can have the chance to choose where I can spend the last of my days, I would choose this as one of those places.

Anyways, my mom suddenly sent me a text message, saying that she’s having her check up at the hospital near Cubao. Her¬†tonsillitis¬†has gone from bad to worse and she couldn’t take it anymore. I replied if she wants me to accompany her, since I’m just nearby. Either my mom’s too tired to text, or having her check-up, or the telecommunication network is having problems, I only received her next reply four hours later.

She said that she’s at SM with my brother and cousin. For non-Filipinos out there, SM stands for Shoe Mart, and is the premier mall of the country. We basically connote SM with malls and shopping. It’s a large mall empire, with several branches nationwide. You know your city or province is conquered when you saw this familiar dominating white building emblazoned with the familiar symbol next to the name of your region:


Courtesy of Wikimedia: SM Marikina, just one of SM branches sprouting like mushrooms in the capital

Courtesy of Wikimedia: SM Marikina, just one of SM branches sprouting like mushrooms in the capital


Anyways, Cubao has a SM too, and I automatically thought it was the SM she was talking about. After an hour and a half of walking, exploring and scanning the whole mall for the familiar face of my mother, I have a horrible thought and I texted my mom what SM she is in. Surprises and surprises, they’re at SM Marikina. Even if I turn the whole SM Cubao upside down, I wouldn’t find them here. So yeah I spent my energy and time looking for people at a wrong place.

I guess the lesson here is don’t assume things. Just because what you think is the most likely answer that doesn’t mean it’s the right one. It’s good to be logical but sometimes life doesn’t work that way, it’s the most illogical person you’ll ever meet.

And relationship-wise, I learned a valuable lesson here. (I tend to rack my brains to produce reflections to hide my wounded pride) As much as people want to be together, as much as they waste time and effort to find each other, if they’re not on the same plane, it’s impossible for them to meet together. I guess our biggest mistake as human beings is not looking for wrong people; it’s looking for people at a wrong place, at a wrong time.

Okay, cut the philosophical commentary here. I need to rest my feet. And why does SM had so many branches dammit?

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The continuing chronicles of Jose Dalisay Jr., aka Butch Dalisay, a Filipino collector of old fountain pens, disused PowerBooks, '50s Hamiltons, creaky cameras, VW spare parts, poker bad beats, and desktop lint.

Ang Bagong Filipino

Pahayagang Filipino para sa Bagong Filipino

Random Man-Cat

Man-cat meows and stuff he's responsible of // Behance, IG and Twitter: lloydzapanta

The Spin Busters

Reading between the lines, reporting behind the scenes


Online jottings of a Filipino out of time

Finding the SILVER LINING in every step of the Journey...... :)

Life is What You Make It. Live Everyday Like Your Last. - David Ongchoco


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