I’m sensing a bratty 2013

13 is that grand age where your little girl finally becomes a tween. Start of those girly-crushes, butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of thing, zits, fitting in and yes, tween tantrums.

I never remembered much about me when I was 13 but with all the bits and pieces from my repressed memories, I guess I was a little handful for my age.

2012 is a year of happiness and success, of failure and sadness, just like any other years. What makes it different is well, the world was supposed to have an expiration date on 12.21.2012 which by the way never happened, and the only destruction I’ve seen is in on that 2012 movie I’ve watched during the fateful day, which is pretty crappy

Anyways, I think this is what’s going to happen in bratty 2013

JANUARY: Bloody OJT and thesis, I shudder whenever I think about it. Responsibilities, ARGH!!

FEBRUARY: Bloody valentines and hearts. Expect more customers to the motels and hotels. I sense massive condom distributing by DOH or something, with the passing of RH Law and all.

MARCH: Bloody graduation. 2013 reminds me how old I am and re-think my responsibilities as a good adult, which is far from I really am

APRIL: Bloody Long Summer After Graduation: The only month I’ve been looking forward to. Gonna spend the countless days languishing my ass on the bed, and eating until I die.

MAY: Bloody Elections. Time to exercise my vote as a responsible citizen of the Philippines so that I can have more rights to complain about the government

JUNE: Bloody Resume of classes but I’m going to take a long vacation 😛 Also, I think I wanted to try Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Workshop. I’ve got lots of ideas and stories in my head I just couldn’t put into words and it’s driving me nuts!

JULY: Bloody Job-hunting. On second thought, I should sleep some more…zzzz…

AUGUST: Oh my God, it’s almost the beginning of ”ber” months already? Bloody how-time-flies-by!

SEPTEMBER: Bloody 21st Birthday. Still not going to act like a real adult though. Oh yeah, it’s the debut of my masculine side. Happy birthday to me, hotshot!

OCTOBER: Bloody gonna-try-to-pull-my-pathetic-life-together

NOVEMBER: Salute to Bloody ghosts and ghouls…..on the private sector and in the government


Yep, I sense a bratty 2013.

I’m actually drunk


About sentimentalfreak

Consistently inconsistent. Forever searching and wandering. 'Tis only writing that calms down her restless little soul.

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