On the Crossroads

We’re all familiar with what the oldies say about the young. That we have the entire world in our hands. That there is so much we can do, and with our energy and idealism, we can be anyone we want, anywhere we want to be. We have endless roads of possibilities stretching over us and the best thing about it is even if we made a mistake into venturing into one, we can always turn back and start afresh again. The best part is, no one berates us for that because we’re young. We have all the time in the world to have fun, commit mistakes, and pick ourselves up again for another day of wrestling over what we want and what life wants us to do.

Being young, however, is not much fun all the time. There are days we just wanted to grow the hell up and be mature individuals who can make mature and selfless decisions. We’re hormonally-driven and definitely bipolar but for the rest of the day, our mood is either rebellious or indifferent. We tend to let our emotions get over us and we say and do things that we would always regret later. We are living, walking time bombs and it’s only a matter of time before the pressure gets to us and boom, we explode with a frenzy of pent-up frustrations, insecurities, what-ifs and damn-its.

Being young entitles you to have mistakes. It gives you an excuse of screwing up but that doesn’t give you a life-pass that you can screw up all the way you want. Life squeezes us out of our cozy immaturity blanket and forces us to grow up. You would wake up in an ordinary day but then, you’ll begin to think of things you never thought of before. You will seriously begin to understand that you are now standing on the crossroads, with life choices hanging around you in loose signs squeaking against the chilly wind. You know you can’t stay forever on that spot and you know you can’t just return there over and over again everytime you took the wrong path.

I’ve never thought I would feel this way just a few days before my graduation. Ordinary teenagers would have this phase back in highschool when they’re choosing the colleges and courses they want and other important life decisions but not me. I guess I’m just a late bloomer, and I thought of this as a more important decision than when I was a 16 with zits in my face and sitting bored inside the gym for our school Career Orientation Program.

I have so many things I wanted to do in my life. In my crossroads, there are about as many signs I am seeing as there are posters of candidates’ faces during the elections in the Philippines (I’ll just have to squeeze it in, huh?) The point is, we can never know if a road is really for us until we took that road and see for ourselves.

My friends often say that it’s okay to try out everything, for it is the only way you can find your place in the world. I’m not arguing that. But in a real-life setting, at this point in life where we’ll leave school, the grown-ups are already expecting us to act like them and join the working force. If you have money, you can try out different things to find yourself. If you don’t, the options before you are more limited and you have to stick with the most practical choice at hand.

Or you can always be the leaf in the river. The lone leaf goes where the current takes him. He is contented with the journey than the destination. For he knows that along the journey, he will get into different places, meet different people, experience the ups and downs in life until he is finally brought into the banks where he shall spend the remaining days of his life watching the sunrise and sunsets while he turns brown and become one with the earth.

You know what the oldies say about the young. That we have the endless possibilities stretching over us and we can be anything we want. Actually, we couldn’t consider this one as a perk of being young. For in here, we are forced to take different paths and we are excused to start anew, granted that the path it’s not for us. But in here, we are forced to learn and grow up. In standing on the crossroads alone, with the endless possibilities in front of us, we eventually and unknowingly turn into adults. The only good thing we can get out of from that, is if there’s one thing better than being young, it’s being ourselves.


About sentimentalfreak

Consistently inconsistent. Forever searching and wandering. 'Tis only writing that calms down her restless little soul.

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