Why life gets more frustrating when you turned 21

There’s gotta be an inside joke behind the creation of Forever 21. I mean, who comes up with that name? Its creators must have thought, “oh, let’s think of a name that will instill an instinctive longing for all women out there to be forever young, unbridled and carefree…then distract them with fancy clothes to project that dream into a fashion statement.” Literally. Well, at least whoever thought of that name has an idea how it is every girl’s dream is to freeze in that age, on that brink of youth to path of womanhood, and how turning 21 could be so exciting and frightening at the same time.

21 is that age where you can still have fun when you’re past your teens and yet be count as a model others younger they can look up to. It is an age of wisdom and reflection but when you screw up, you still have the hall pass of ‘Youth.’ and ‘Impulsiveness’. Since you’re just beginning, no one’s expecting you be ‘someone’. You’re like a baby taking her first few steps, testing the waters, and everyone tolerates your little experiments as a part of ‘finding your place in this wide world’

But being 21 is not all just fun and adventure, college, beach trips, parties, freedom and the thrill of earning your keep and here’s why:

  • The “Gosh, Before-long-I-would-be-30” hives. Enough said. Once you reached 21, you know you’re moving upward and one day, your families, friends and colleagues would shove a tiny cake in your face with two big 2 and 9 candles, mocking you with its dancing flames.
  • First rung on the corporate ladder. No one usually bitches you about your first job, but when its your first full-time, it’s got to be good, right? Our failure of reaching up to others’ expectations, as well as our own, is one of the things you need to brace yourself for.
  • The Green Eye. Being envious is a natural human emotion; If you have everything, it would be boring. Yet for some reason, the green monster is strangely stronger in you at 21. It’s so easy to be jealous of the little things and the big things.A friend of yours got a cool job on first try and he/she gets to travel the world writing for hotels or your bestfriend is going out with a loyal and considerate boy while you yourself had just got out of a messy break-up…At the end of the day, the sweetest thing you can ever do is to be happy for them and focus on the road ahead of you instead of other peoples’ tracks.
  • The Role Model. Thing. While you can use your age as a weapon of intimidation and respect, younger and less experienced kids would also look up to you for wisdom *cough* and guidance *cough cough*. Most of the time, they would watch your actions than your words so beware. You may not have a gorgeous body and rule the catwalk of Victoria Secret or ANTM at 21, but when a kid grows up right by looking up to you while still being herself, you just did one of the most amazing things in the world….at 21!
  • “What I did before 20 is…..” Have you noticed something in our generation? It’s just that achievers are getting younger and younger! Cecilia Ahern published her first ever novel, bestselling “PS I Love You” at 21, Christopher Paolini, Eragon at 15. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg created the largest social media network at 19 while the duo founders  of Google started to build their empire back in college. I heard from the news that some 15-year-old kid invents a groundbreaking cancer test. Their stories are inspiring and all but sometimes they would get me to thinking on what the heck did I do on those twenty years of existence. I guess everything ought to start with something you love, not just a one-night stand but a lifetime passion for creating something that will last long after you’re gone.
  • Love knows no age. There’s no better bliss than being 21 and in love. Having gone through relationships in the past would make you think you’ve grown wiser, less prone to being heartbroken, but no. You’re just as invulnerable as a 15-year-old girl in her first date or a 45-year-old divorced woman with three kids.
  • Hate-Weight. Two words. Gaining weight. Blame that McDonalds sitting across your apartment or your inability to wake up at 5 AM for a small jog in the park.
  • The “I-don’t-know-what-I-want” agony. When you think you know yourself at 21, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Don’t think you know so much about yourself. You’re just as impulsive as you are in your wild teen days and being 21 brings so many opportunities in your life that you wished you can just try them all and find out where you to kick off your career or how your life is going to be. Thing is, you have bills to pay and people to count on you so you have to be careful about your options either. Don’t be afraid to experiment, though. Life is full of Xs. Experience and Experiments.
  • Organizing your pathetic life. Family reunions are nice but when your relatives started ganging up on you about your life plans, you’d wish you can just disappear in the room….or they disappear in the room while you’re left alone with your wine and club sandwich. These people expected you to be responsible now that you’re in your early twenties, as if you already figure out what you will be in ten years’ time. When you think about it, plans are easy to do: just list the things you wanted to do before you reach 30 or something. It’s how you will actually pull it off is the problem. A friend of mine said it’s important for us yuppies to have a life mentor who can understand you the most and unafraid to tell what the heck is wrong with you. Not exactly a Tuesdays with Morrie-esque but someone you know who has your back. No matter how old you are, 16, 21 or 55, we all need someone to bug our problems with. 

What about you? What do you think are the perks of being 21?


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Consistently inconsistent. Forever searching and wandering. 'Tis only writing that calms down her restless little soul.

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