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An appeal for help for Cebu and Bohol earthquake victims

If I were a celebrity writing this, I’m sure thousands would respond for help. But I am not, and I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to read this and help.

Earthquake Visayas

As of writing this, 150 people have died in the major earthquake that stuck Visayas last Tuesday, while thousands remain displaced and affected. The numbers kept coming.

Roads and bridges remain impassable. Several villages remain isolated, many are still missing. Churches and historical buildings were destroyed. For some people, they may be just ordinary religious buildings but for the locals there, I’m sure it felt like losing a family member. The morale of the people were affected by the destruction of these structures but they steadfastly cling to their faith to live on and survive.

Oldest church in the Philippines in Cebu City, Basilica Sto. Nino ( Jose Farrugia)

Oldest church in the Philippines in Cebu City, Basilica Sto. Nino ( Jose Farrugia)

The historical Loboc church in Bohol before the earthquake ( Joel Aldor)

The historical Loboc church in Bohol before the earthquake ( Joel Aldor)

Loboc church completely destroyed. It's like losing a piece of historical identity. (Michael Poole)

Loboc church completely destroyed. It’s like losing a piece of historical identity. (Michael Poole)


In shambles: our hearts with it (Jed Cortes)

In shambles: our hearts with it (Jed Cortes)


Even roads in Negros weren't spared. (

Even roads in Negros weren’t spared. (


A building collapsed in Cebu City (REUTERS)

A house collapsed in Cebu City (REUTERS)


The Loboc Children Choir of Bohol. Inspiring, despite being surrounded by ruins (mindanaoan)

The Loboc Children Choir of Bohol. Inspiring, despite being surrounded by ruins (mindanaoan)

Even the world-famous Chocolate Hills were not spared. It breaks my heart to see this, partly because I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Hills and this happened. It’s the pride of Bohol and I am hurting for the Boholanos to see their cherished Chocolate Hills like this.

Chocolate hills before the earthquake (jrosenberry)

Chocolate hills before the earthquake (jrosenberry)

Chocolate Hills after the earthquake :'( (

Chocolate Hills after the earthquake 😥 (

Minced. (Robert Poole)

Minced. (Michael Poole)


Please, to anyone who are reading this, I appeal to you to help our people in Cebu and Bohol. These two provinces that have the happiest and friendliest people, people who have the warmest of smiles as they show their own simple way of expressing welcome by trying speak in your language so you can feel at-home. Boholanos, in particular, are always proud to show you what their land has to offer. It’s quite difficult to imagine what are they feeling right now with all this devastation.

01red cross

This is by far, the biggest earthquake that hit the region. Aftershocks are still being recorded by the geological authority, numbering to 1000+ since the major quake. For now, many people are sleeping in the town plazas or open areas for fear of being trapped in their own houses. They are in a dire need of food, water, first-aid kit for those injured, and lots of prayers.

And for Boholanos and Cebuanos out there, stay strong. My thoughts are with you in this sad event. We shall mourn in spirit together and rise again. I am extending condolences for those lives who are lost and I am hoping with all my heart that you will recover fast from this tragedy. The whole Philippines is with you in this mourning.


A man prays outside the damaged Basilica in Cebu City. (

A man prays outside the damaged Basilica in Cebu City. (

Bangon Bohol!

Bangon Bohol!


Earth Watch: Predicting the next Big Ones

New research indicates 17 areas around the world that are expected to take a major brunt of tectonic tantrum.


The researchers found the accumulated subduction lengths and the energy being stored were large enough to cause a giant, magnitude-9 class earthquake in 17 areas of the world.

As you can see in the picture, major quakes had already struck roughly 6 areas, some are catastrophic enough to kill thousands of lives, destroy millions of property and fill up world headlines for weeks, even months. Remembering the Sumatra Earthquake, the Chilean Earthquake and the East Japan Quake which triggered the deadly tsunami still send shivers down to our spine.

Here in the Philippines, the destruction during the Great Luzon Earthquake of 1990 and the 1976 Moro Earthquake is still fresh in Filipinos’ minds.  Yet some of my countrymen seem to forget that Philippines sits in the Pacific Ring of Fire and that we need to brace ourselves for future tremors. Unarguably, the capital city Metro Manila sits in a dextral strike-slip fault system which extends from North (Rizal) to South (Taguig City) which is called the Marikina Valley Fault System. 

Metro Manila Development authority predicts 38,000 will be killed while 100,000, injured once the long-dormant fault is triggered by earth’s tremors. The earthquake is reportedly strong enough to divide Metro Manila in 4 regions.

Apparently, while other cities are gearing up for these major disasters, I fail to see any hint of development or pro-active action plan to reduce the fatality prediction rate here. There are closed-door meetings, natural disaster preparedness summits and earthquake drills conducted on schools and communities but apart from that, there are no concrete and standard structural plan. Buildings and shanties continue to rise above the ticking fault line. Most people are still unaware they are living above one. Scientist groups and weather bureaus lack any major support from the government to properly identify the reach of destruction and enlighten the public about it.

Apart from that, no effort is being done to effectively decentralize Metro Manila, which is now the world’s biggest city in terms of population density and accounts for more than 13% of the population of the Philippines (a whooping 33% of GDP). Take note that it is also the political, economical, cultural. social and educational center of the Philippines. The catastrophe may only be within the zones of Metro Manila but on a larger scale, the whole country will be affected.

I don’t want to sound like a paranoid doomsayer; writing about this is scarier than anything else I’ve written so far. I just want my fellow Filipinos to know that something like this can leave a big damage to our integrity and spirit. We are known as ‘dancers in the rain’, the people who always smile amid the calamity…but this…this is something infinitely bigger than us. God will save those who help themselves and that starts on being aware and being prepared for what will happen, no matter how dark or grim the future holds.

So step up and spread the word. Demand the government of what their plans are in the face of this calamity. If your house sits on a danger zone, listen to the authorities and evacuate as soon as you can to a safer area. Be aware of the news and tell your children or your families the important tips of what they should do so that when the Big One struck, they will know what to do.

After all, ignorance IS never an excuse.

Or you can just migrate to Cebu or Davao just like I’m planning to do.



Birthday Buffet at Sambo Kojin

As a post-birthday celebration, my mom took me and my brothers on a buffet resto at Eastwood, Quezon City. My mom’s a promo-hunter who has her ears attuned to anyone who said “free food” and “eat-all-you-can.” She found her prey on Sambo Kojin. 

If you’re a fan of Japanese food as I am, you’ll dig Sambo Kojin and its wonderful buffet of Japanese specialties. If your birthday falls between October and November 15, then you’re in for a real treat. Sambo Kojin offers FREE meal to the lucky birthday boys and girls!


Here’s the mechanics:

1. Free Buffet for Birthday Celebrant who will dine in any of the participating restaurants accompanied by one (1) paying adult on actual birthday, within three (3) days before and three (3) days after that.

2. Free Birthday Buffet may be claimed up to 14 times, lunch and dinner, within those seven (7) days. Only 1 Free Birthday Buffet may be claimed per visit.

3. To claim, Celebrant must present to any of our dining personnel a valid document with proof of date of birth (Birth Certificate, SSS ID, TIN ID, Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s License, PRC License, AFP/Military ID).

4. Celebrant must also completely fill out the information sheet.

5. All Firstfoods Food Services, Inc. and Golden Reef Food Services, Inc. personnel and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to join the promo.

6. Promo is not valid with any other existing promotions.
Promo period is extended up to November 15, 2013.


[courtesy of Sambo Kojin Facebook page]


Grill all you want

Grill all you want


A fresh set of japanese and korean treats you can grill

A fresh set of japanese and korean treats you can grill


Be careful with these little guys. They’re pretty heavy for the appetite. Better try all other delicacies before stuffing yourselves out with sushis and makis.





Yours truly celebrating her 21st birthday, wishing for a healthier life by pigging out.

5/5 stars for Sambo Kojin because:

  • The restaurant ambiance is bright and spacious (in Eastwood branch); apart from that, there are enough seats and tables for a full night. The classy atmosphere may intimidate you at first and you may not pick as much food as you want in the beginning, BUT because of that, your appetite has more room for you to try new delicacies.
  • The promo. I mean, they’re practically offering you everything just because you are born in THAT certain day of the month. You can thank your parents later.
  • The food is simply superb. They also have a complete assortment of condiments in the table and the grill is easy to handle. Don’t be scared of blowing or burning things up.
  • The staff. The waiters and waitresses are really helpful. And they are really good at not laughing at you when you handle the grill for the first time like you’re cutting off a wire of a bomb before it detonates.
  • The ice cream and the toppings!! Better make sure to have more room for desserts!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out your calendar and plan your dinner to Sambo Kojin before the promo ends at November 15. There’s no wonderful way of celebrating your bittersweet coming-of-age by eating all you can.



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