About SentimentalFreak

Hello to all the people of the Earth, my name is Nica from the queer ol’ Philippines, the greatest contradiction Asia ever had. I was born and raised in the city of Manila, known for its beautiful chaos, and I learned to embrace its quirks as part of my own.

I am a graduate of Journalism from a state university in Manila. Ironically, the media world tired me out but I still write and I never stopped dreaming of changing the world in my own small way. I am also an aspiring script writer and filmmaker. Sometimes I ramble endlessly about films and TV series so just don’t mind me. I am a voracious reader and viewer and one of my dreams is to get my dad watch local movies (he had long lost his faith on Philippine cinema over the years)

My blog’s nothing special. In here I’ll post some of my reflections, my rants, my prose, and non-censored ideas fairly tolerable to post in the net for every human being in the world to see.


  • I mostly post about Filipino-esque stuffs, so expect some political, historical and social rants every now and then. I love dealing and dissecting social issues, but I promise not to go overboard (that depends, on how I strongly feel on an issue)
  • I love reading books, but I have a love/hate relationship with poems. Although I appreciate a good poem or song every now and then, I prefer having a linear view of things, with characters not draped in colorful words but stark naked and helpless in my mind. (Too much emotion drains my vulnerable little brain)
  • I like the classics! Classic books, classic songs, classic movies and TV series.
  • I am an ardent Anglophile or a fan of everything British. Sometimes, I think I’m a girl who’s stuck in a wrong generation.
  • I am passionately in love with traveling. Even my mind wanders when I’m stuck in one place. I like experiencing new things, with new people on new places. My spirit is always hungry for some adventure and thrill. I guess you can spirit me away in some desert or deserted village and I’ll find my way home laughing (hopefully not out of madness)
  • I love heritage houses. I love century-old churches. I love historical buildings and monuments. When I travel, the first thing I visit are the old houses and churches in the plaza. History was made around these buildings and they stood through it all. How awesome is that?
  • I love photography. I have sweet spot on nature landscaping. I just love capturing nature at her best. With journalism, you often have people as subjects, but nature too has something to say every now and then, and sometimes, its message is more humbling, often more heart warming BUT…..
  • I don’t take selfies and I don’t take pictures of myself. Cameras take your soul, people. COME ON!
  • I am a sucker for paranormal. Yes, I said it. My greatest downfall, I guess. Mention a ghost and my imagination would go around and I’d probably pay more attention to the ghost story than to you.
  • I enjoy geo-political satire. It’s because I love world history and international affairs. If you’re thinking what a geo-political satire is, visit here: http://imgur.com/r/polandball
  • I adore words, I admire the sacred geometry of things, but you wouldn’t find me hanging out with numbers and kaleidoscope of equations.
  • I am a TV couch potato, I am your regular girl gamer and popcorn devourer.
  • My greatest dream is to escape from Imperial Manila and build my house in one of those Visayan islands or any part of Mindanao.
  • Although my dad can play all kinds of instrument, I unfortunately didn’t get that amazing talent of his and later realized I can be a better listener. I love music, all kinds of it I guess but I have a soft spot for the jazz. I’m strangely addicted to Pinoy band songs during the 90s.
  • Yep I’m your average nerd, probably suffering from mild short attention-span, spontaneous-thinking, adventure-seeking, danger-craving wanna-be daredevil and aspiring badass. And I wanna be a TV actress someday LOL
  1. Stumbled on to your site. Thanks for the kind words. I like your writing, easy and witty. Cheers!

  2. onto (jeez)

  3. Thanks! 😀 You’re welcome, though I really mean it 🙂

  4. Great blog! Prolly took sometime to finally find a blog with sense. 🙂

  5. thanks 🙂 although it’s really hard to make a sense out of things especially in this country we are in. Philippines: the country of contradictions XD

  6. You’ve gone a long way ate in terms of experience as a journalist. I love your stand. I hope you could impart it to me. I’m excited to see you in person. I’m upcoming sophomore pala ate 🙂

  7. Thanks! We PUPians need to stick together 😉 Sure sure, I am also looking forward on learning from you. Don’t stop blogging, write like crazy XD Nice sophomore ka na next school year. 2nd year is the best for me. Kaya mag-enjoy ka na lang and don’t forget to join clubs 😉 My biggest regret is not joining Journ Guild and Dakom. Mahahasa pa diyan lalo ang writing skills mo 🙂

  8. Magta-try ako sana sa Dakom ate kaso nakita ko yung pinapagawa nila sa mga classmates ko. I think I can’t say it here 🙂 Kaya di ko na sinubukan. Anyway, wow! nag-ojt ka sa rappler ate. Wow talaga 🙂 God bless 😀

  9. Hi. I’ve come acrossed your blog and i’m loving your writing. Very genuine and witty. Would love to read more of your posts! And i bet we are batchmates since I’ll be graduating next month as well in PUP. Good luck to you! 🙂

  10. thanks! 🙂 I’ll try my best to update regularly. Been busy with graduation and pre-employment stuffs. Sigh. Just a few more weeks and it will be the adult’s world for me 😦

  11. Hi Ms. Aspiring Badass! Haha… Your page, “Classic Filipino Movies” got my attention.
    Mukhang trailblazer ka dito ah : )

  12. hahaha! unfortunately, I can’t post entries sa tab na so kalat ang mga entries ko tungkol dyan XD

  13. Hey, thanks for following! Nahihiya ako sa blog mo. :(((

  14. hello, bakit ka naman nahihiya? You have good posts naman 🙂

  15. Ambata mo pala, kaya mo ako tinawag na ma’m! hhaha. Good luck on your exam!

  16. Thanks po 🙂 looking forward for more posts in your blog!

  17. Hi there! glad I found my way here! I just love your writing style! Consider me a fan!
    P.S. I wanna be an actress too! 🙂

  18. hi! Just wanted to ask if I could use a photo (the magellan’s cross) for my agency’s annual report (NHCP)? Don’t worry, I will give proper acknowledgement.

  19. yes ma’am, please do so 🙂

  20. hi, are you open for freelance blogging opportunity? I hope so you are. please contact me 🙂

  21. Hi! Can i meet you in person? Very nice blogs. Very informative… Hope we can thanks.

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